Decorating Your Living Room On A Budget

Decorating Your Living Room On A Budget

Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Decorating a living room can be a lot of fun and gives you an opportunity to note off your creativity and ingenuity to anyone who comes into your home, as your living room is usually the first room in the house that a guest sees. Living rooms can be as formal and clarify as you’d like, or as informal and easy as you’d like. The choice is up to you! And either way, you can decorate your living room on a budget, without breaking the bank. The quickest and easiest way to start the process of decorating your living room, is to make sure it’s well-kept and tidy at all times.

Dispense with clutter. Be sure that your furniture is in as ample repair as possible. Make sure there aren’t any holes or scuffs on the walls. Clean light fixtures once in awhile. And make certain to get rid of cobwebs too. Use a spot treatment or stain-remover on any carpet you have in your living room. Use a furniture polish on your wooden furniture at least once a month, and also periodically dust your knicknacks and tops of bookcases, etc. Pleasant housekeeping and de-cluttering makes a large difference in how your living room looks! Modern design is clean, uncluttered and light.

Paint/Wall Decor– Another quick “fix” for decorating your living room is a coat of paint in a color that coordinates with your furniture or decorating contrivance! You can find paint pretty cheap, and it’s an amazing “life-giver” to rooms that are boring or look outdated. A semi-gloss latex looks best, but you can also use objective plain, cheap flat paint in a light color to change the look of your living room. Paint one wall, two walls or paint all of them! There are many painting techniques that will give a room texture and depth, two of my favorites are “sponge” paint or “rag” painting. Both of these methods will add color to your room, give the walls a textured sight, and you can use two colors or as many colors as you’d like! Painting trim rather than walls is another way to update your living room, and takes far less paint and still have an aesthetically pleasing design.

You can also half-way up a wall and then assign a wallpaper border around it, at “chair-rail” height. Wall-paper borders by themselves are also a great way to spruce up a room, and you can score wall-paper borders at dollar stores and discount retailers for as minute as $1.00 a roll. Use wall-paper borders around the tops of walls near ceilings, at “chair-rail” height with or without paint, or around windows or doorways. Stenciled designs are also a great way to change your living-room’s look. You can make the designs as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Stencil where you would put wall-paper borders or even in vertical rows on one wall for a “wall-papered” look.

Furniture– Never underestimate the power of simply adding a throw to your couch or using slipcovers to screen ancient upholstery! Sure, we all want a nice, new updated living room set, but most people don’t have the money tosofa and throw pillow just go out and consume all that tag new. So, make do with what you have. If it’s in your budget, you can buy unbiased one part to update the look of your living room. Shop yard sales and thrift shops too, you never know what you might find for your living room in one of these places. If you don’t have a couch, and can’t afford to buy one, there are many options! Use a futon or daybed, and oversized throw pillows to create a cozy “couch” for your living room. I’ve even used a twin bed on a metal frame, with no headboard or footboard as a couch before… I simply chose a pretty comforter to go over it, and then made a bunch of oversized throw pillows to make a “couch”. It worked out nicely, and even better, provided an extra place for an overnight guest to sleep!

Coffee tables can be made out of impartial about anything… Old trunks, 4 cinder blocks and a piece of wood, a nightstand or even a small child’s table can get an excellent coffee table, and you can buy these things at thrift shops or yard sales as well! An obsolete dresser or nightstand can double as a television stand that also provides extra storage, you can utilize cinder blocks and and narrow boards to make book cases with, a filing cabinet can double as an end table, just use your imagination! Furniture for your living room needn’t be expensive or complicated. Throws, pillows, slipcovers or even re-upholstering (if you can do it yourself!) are all reasonably cheap furniture solutions and won’t smash the bank.

Appliances– A large flat panel TV on the wall to focus the center of attention is always a nice and modern looking addition. If you can find a way to run all of the cords behind the flat screen so there’s no clutter, the sleek design can really update an old looking living room.

Floors– Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors, simple throw rugs or status rugs can make a dramatic difference in how your living room looks, and you can find these relatively cheap at discount stores. If you have hardwood floors, you can sand them down and re-stain them for a reasonable price if you are able to do it yourself or know someone who can!

Lighting– Don’t discount the possibilities that changing lighting can bring to your living room. You can earn inexpensive fixtures to replace at most major discount retailers. Sometimes simply changing the shades on your lamps can make a contrast, or replace all your lamps with “new” ones found at thrift shops. Assume different lighting styles, “over-head”, wall sconces, chandelier-style fixtures, etc. Floor lamps are another great lighting option as well. Or go with newer LED lighting that can change to any color for dramatic looks or a romantic atmosphere. Just exhaust your imagination and find a look that suits you!

WindowsWindow coverings can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You can sew your own curtains, or buy them pretty cheap at dollar stores or discount stores. Mini-blinds in place of curtains or drapes can make a room look more “modern.” Switching heavy, dark draperies with light, airy curtains or shades can instantly change the feel of a room. Lace curtains over light colored blinds can help insure that your living room stays lighter and feels larger. I have used twin-sized flat sheets to make simple curtains before. You can gain simple or elaborate valances, “swags” and other things out of simple, discount fabric, and create a room instantly more “formal”. Make your windows a focal point in your living room if you have good-sized windows and a nice view, it can wait on capture a person’s eyes off of the minor flaws in your furniture or flooring.

Wall Decor/Knicknacks– Never underestimate the power of simply changing or adding something to your walls. Decorate with quilts, tapestries, mirrors or groupings of family photos. Expend tins or other types of knicknacks in small groupings to showcase a hobby or interest. Expose your special flower arrangements or stuffed animals from a lover or friend, and give your living room a personalized, “cozy” feel. For a minimalist approach, try decorating with different sized and different colored rocks or stones, on your coffee table or tops of book cases. A basket of pine cones or a dried floral arrangement by a fireplace can give your living room a “homey” gape. Posters or reproductions of art pieces are great for wall decor as well, and can show off your “fun” side.

When it comes to decorating your living room on a budget, the sky’s the limit. Utilize your imagination, and see what happens! No change is too small when you’re decorating, and there are literally hundreds of home decorating books out there, for budgets of all sizes! Spend home decorating magazines for ideas or a “jumping off” point, and then use your imagination and give it your own personal touch. I promise, you’ll be pleased with the results, and your budget won’t be broken! You don’t have to restrict yourself to just “living room” furniture or the most common or popular themes, just announce yourself and make your living room be an expression of your interests and personality.

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