Metal Buildings – Steel Construction

Metal Buildings – Steel Construction

The MANY Benefits of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are commonly used for many purposes. Steel is often the most commonly used material in the construction of these buildings forming both the interior support structure and in many cases metal siding as well. Metal roofing is almost always used.

A metal building can have many uses such as creating storage space in agricultural or commercial environments but also in private homes. Offices and even some living spaces can also be constructed from steel.

Metal buildings have been in frequent use for around a century with their popularity increasing dramatically in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. This was due to the end of the Second World War causing the supply of steel to increase considerably allowing it to be used more freely in both the residential and the commercial markets.


Metal building construction can take a variety of forms. Two of the most commonly seen designs are the ‘straight-walled’ or ‘arched’ varieties. These two terms describe the appearance of the exterior structure and are what are found in most metal home kits.

The arched structure is often used in large agricultural buildings whereas the straight walled design which will provide a greater total amount of useable storage space is often seen in industrial buildings, factories or other commercial projects where metal storage buildings are often found. Metal building manufacturers will be able to advise which specific design will best suit your needs.

The interior structure will often be referred to as either ‘multiple span’ or ‘clear span’.  The difference here is that a clear span design will have no supports to strengthen the structure taking up space in the interior of the building.

This is achieved by using very large beams which support the weight of the building which are placed high up in the internal structure and therefore do not cause any kind of obstructions at ground level. This design is used where the interior of the building needs to consist of one large open space. Steel metal buildings using a multiple span design will have columns or some other form of supporting feature occupying some of the available interior space.

These designs will very often be more economical than the clear span options but the supports are likely to become obstructions where large vehicles or other sizeable objects need to be kept in a metal storage building. The type of interior structure used will therefore very much depend on the primary use of the building. The roofs on these buildings will often be produced from steel corrugated roofing material whether the metal roofs are arched, pitched or flat in design.



All designs of steel metal buildings have considerable strengths when compared to other building materials that could be used. Steel is in general a strong (especially where corrugated metal is used) and resilient material and so will often require only minimal maintenance. It is non-combustible and so desirable in many industrial or hazardous environments where fire risks may be higher than normal. These kinds of buildings can be constructed more quickly than most others and yet will still be of very high quality. Steel is also resistant to the destructive forces of termites and other insects which could cause serious damage to wood or other building materials. A further benefit is the flooring is usually concrete, another material that is weather resistant.

Smaller metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular choices for use in private steel homes.  A metal shed or carport can now be easily constructed using DIY metal building kits purchased from a metal building manufacturer or from many online stores. Metal garage buildings have also been used widely for a number of years as an alternative to traditional brick built garages. All of these structures are commonly produced from steel along with the many other types of metal buildings for sale which are designed for private homeowners.

If you are not comfortable erecting the structure yourself then there is a wide range of prefabricated metal buildings also available. These can be delivered to your home after being constructed by the manufacturer and transported to you. A huge range of sizes are available which should cater for the needs of most private citizens installing the buildings at home whether as pre engineered metal buildings or DIY projects. Many metal building prices for smaller structures are less than $5000 with the vast majority under $10,000.

With the usage of steel roofing materials also very popular it is now often sensible to construct an entire building from metal whether it is going to be used for commercial or private purposes. The many DIY construction packages now available make these metal buildings an even more attractive and economical option especially for homeowners and small businesses.

There are of course many professional construction, installation and maintenance services also available that will deal with metal buildings of any size.

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