Knowing the Different Types of Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are not only available in many different colors, materials and styles, but they’re also designed for many different purposes.

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Some types are made to diffuse light around a room, while others direct it downward onto a work area. There many choices of Ceiling Lights available to suit every room in a home.

A serves a dual purpose as it’s both a light fixture and a fan. Fan types of ceiling light fixtures are suitable for every room, especially in warmer climates as they help circulate the air. Ceiling fan lighting looks great with tropical or rustic decor, but a with fancier blades, perhaps even trimmed in metal, can blend well with more upscale rooms.

Florescent ceiling lights are usually rectangular shapes that hold florescent tubes and these lights often attach directly to the ceiling. Florescent tube Ceiling Lights tend to be economical fixtures often found in rental apartments, hallways and laundry rooms. The outer frame may be a lightweight metal and a clear plastic cover may fit over the section that contains the florescent light tubes.

Chandeliers are glamorous types of Ceiling Lights that hang down. They contain multiple lights as well as such as tiny individual lampshades or many pieces of crystal. Crystal chandeliers are very opulent, bright and glittering, while wrought iron chandeliers are dark and often feature ornately curved metal. Pendant ceiling light fixtures hang from a metal tube or other fixture rather than being attached directly to the ceiling. These can be hung in rows to create task lighting such as over a kitchen island or work area.

features rows of lights that light up work spaces and each lamp fits into a metal track. Track ceiling lights are very flexible as each individual light may be directed to a certain area of the room. can be an excellent choice for home offices and craft rooms.

Recessed lighting is usually mounted in groups of round lamps pushed up into the ceiling. This adds a softer light, as each lamp is flush with the ceiling and the lamps are spaced evenly apart. A wall of recessed ceiling lights can look especially attractive on an angled ceiling to create a focal point in a living room.

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