Useful Ideas on How to Determine the Best Wicker Dressers

You can start choosing the best wicker dressers by determining which material you want for your dresser.

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Two general types of wicker model exist: dressers made with wicker, and dressers made with wicker. Synthetic wicker is likely to be less expensive, and it is less susceptible to water damage and mold, though it is sometimes not quite as attractive as wicker. wicker can be more expensive, however.

Once you have determined which type of wicker dressers you want, measure the space in which the dresser will be placed to help determine how large of unit you can place there.

Dressers come in wide variety of shapes and sizes, so it is likely that you will be able to find wicker dressers that will work with any space, but knowing the dimensions of the space will help you determine which size and design will work best. Be sure to consider how much clothing or other items you intend to store in the dresser as well so you can decide how large of dresser you will need, in relation to how large of dresser will reasonably fit in the space.

Sometimes wicker is combined with other materials during the construction of the dresser. Solid wood, for example, may be the material of choice for the frame of the wicker dressers, while the drawers and may be made of wicker. This combines the visual appeal of wicker with the strength and durability of solid materials such as wood or even metal.

The weave of the wicker dressers should be tight enough that the individual fibers will not loosen and weaken the overall structure. Test the weave by trying to move individual fibers with your fingers. The fibers should not yield at all, or at the most very slightly, when you try to move them.

discount wicker dresser pictures

discount wicker dresser pictures

Metal frame wicker dresser ideas

wicker dresser ideas

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wicker traditional dressers chests and bedroom armories

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