BIG Berkey Water Filter Review

Big Berkey water filter review

The Big Berkey water filter is an extremely efficient and powerful system that removes contaminants from water to such low levels that they are not physically or chemically detectable. Water filters are made necessary by the unfortunate fact that tap water is never perfectly clean, and may have chemical, physical or biological contaminants, depending on where you live.

Additionally, since the Big Berkey is portable, you will be able to use it in any location in which you do not trust the water supply. You can for example take the Big Berkey water filter with you when you’re camping, and you can trust it to completely purify water from lakes and rivers. This Big Berkey water filter review will describe how the Big Berkey water filter works and how it can help you to safeguard your health.

BIG Berkey stainless steelPossible water contaminants

Regardless of whether you plan to use the Big Berkey water filter at home or “on the road”, using water filters is always a wise precaution. Water is regularly found to be contaminated by physical, biological and chemical entities that pose varying degrees of risk for your health. The most dangerous chemical contaminants are volatile and synthetic organic compounds such as pesticides and industrial solvents.

This kind of chemical is extremely toxic for humans and several of them are outright carcinogenic! Physical contaminants can be sediments and rusts. Biological contaminants are organisms that can cause some very serious diseases like typhus and cholera. Additionally, tap water may have a bad taste or odors for any number of reasons.

The Berkey water filter has been shown to be incredibly efficient in the removal of all of these contaminants to the point where they are no longer chemically of physical detectable in the filtered water.

Additionally, if you plan to go camping, you should of course know that lake and river water is not regulated at all, so it is even more likely to have dangerous contaminants. The portability of the Big Berkey water filter means that you can take it with you wherever you go so that you can make almost any source of water completely drinkable and healthy!

BIG Berkey disassemblyBig Berkey water filter features

The Big Berkey unit has a capacity of 2.25 gallons (8.5 L), a height of 19.25” and a diameter of 8.5”. The Big Berkey water filter includes either two or four Black Berkey elements or ceramic water filters.

The Black Berkey filter element is so efficient at filtering water that it has been shown to remove food coloring completely from water — that is an impressive water filtration efficiency! If you find this claim incredible, check out the video at the bottom of this lens and see for yourself!

The upper chamber of the Big Berkey filter has a re-cleanable ceramic Super Sterasyl filter that efficiently removes pathogens, volatile organic chemicals, synthetic organic chemicals and physical contaminants.

These ceramic water filters have two enormous advantages: firstly, they are re-cleanable, which means that you never have to dispose of them and buy new ones.

Secondly, they successfully inhibit mitosis, which is the type of cell division that unicellular organisms like bacteria use to reproduce.

This is very important, because if mitosis is not inhibited, the bacteria retained by the ceramic water filter would rapidly reproduce and clog up the filter.

Both the Black Berkey and ceramic filters in the Big Berkey water filter unit have been shown to remove synthetic organic compounds, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, sediments, turbidity, and biological pathogens such as bacteria and cysts. These ceramic water filters are exquisitely designed: they have a domed top rather than a cap, which means that leaks in the top of the filter are physically impossible.

Now that is smart design!


These are not just vacuous marketing claims — check out this impressive list of independent entities that tested the water-filtering efficiency of the Big Berkey water filter:

  • ISO-9000: 2000
  • Hyder Labs (UK)
  • Spectrum Labs (UK)
  • WRc – Mednenham (UK)
  • Clare Microbiology (UK)
  • WRc Gwent (UK)
  • Loughborough University (UK)
  • University of Arizona (USA)
  • Thresh, Beale, and Suckling (UK)

The other extremely valuable feature of this filter is the sheer length of time for which it can filter water without having to replace the filters: each water filter can purify 3000 gallons of water, which means 6000 gallons of water in total. At a rate of 10 gallons of water a week, that means that you can go for 600 weeks without replacing the filters. That means 11.5 years of water filtration! This is what we call value for money. Just look at some of the other best water softener reviews and make the comparisons.

BIG Berkey Water FiltersBig Berkey water filter warranty

The Big Berkey water filter comes with a full six-month warranty. This means that during the first six months of your ownership, Big Berkey will replace or repair any of the Big Berkey water filter’s constituent elements that are malfunctioning. They even offer appliance repair in Calgary and other Canadian provinces for those living in Canada.

Remember that companies offer warranties when they know that things are extremely unlikely to go wrong!

Additionally, the Big Berkey water filter comes with one of the following: Sport Berkey Bottles, Berkey KDF Shower Filter, Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filters, Replacement Parts Kit or Berkey Base. How’s that for extraordinary value for money!

Big Berkey water filter review: conclusion

The Big Berkey water filters stands out among other water filters on the market for its portability. You can take it with you wherever you like, giving you the ability to purify water regardless of where you are. If you go camping, the Big Berkey water filter will give you an extremely reliable supply of safe, clean and healthy water.

If you use it to filter an average of 10 gallons a week, the Big Berkey water filter can work for 11.5 years without having to change the filter! The Big Berkey water filter also comes with a six-month warranty and an additional item of your choice free of charge.

We hope that you found this Big Berkey water filter review useful. If you own Big Berkey water filter, please consider writing your own Big Berkey water filter review in the comments below — other folks will surely find your insights useful. Thank you!

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The Best Cordless Drills – Which One Is Right For You?

When Buying The Best Cordless Drill – What Questions Should I Ask?

When it comes to browsing through the best cordless drills available today, even a knowledgeable buyer may have several questions. After all, the choices have become almost overwhelming.

I think the first cordless tool I owned was over twenty years ago. It was fat, heavy and I think 6 or 7 volts. You charged it for a few hours and could work with it for 10 minutes or so. It was a Craftsman; don’t remember the price… and I was proud of it !

Today, many of the top power tool manufacturers have cordless drills ranging from 10.8 to 36 volts. The now older battery technology is still sold, but at cheaper prices. The new technology, because it is vastly improved does come with a higher price tag.

So, we want to buy a new cordless drill. What should we think about, how do we make an informed buying decision?

Let’s discuss for a moment what type of projects you encounter.

Do you attempt extreme repairs or complicated DIY projects? Are your needs just for occasional home repairs? Do you work with soft materials such as pine, plastic or drywall? Does your “to do” list include hard, tough or brittle items such as various metals, oak, ceramics and concrete? Are you in a contracting profession where your tools are your livelihood?

Answer these questions and we are ready to take a look at the specifications of some of the cordless drills. We also want to read several written reviews pertaining to the best cordless drills that you may put on your list. Remember this point; the more reviews the better. There may be some negativity surrounding any product. I do not let this bother me unless all of the bad comments point to the same issue. Then I steer clear! We have too many good choices to fool around with sub standard equipment.

OK, let’s talk a bit about the drills.

One thing is now certain in my mind. Lithium-ion battery power is the ticket. This source of power provides easier, faster and less fatigue when drilling, screwing, grinding, polishing and any other task you may tackle. Even though these drills cost a little more they are now very affordable. They have more torque and are much lighter. The cycle life of the battery is up to 3 times longer than it’s predecessors. The advances have really been phenomenal.

If you work on soft to medium materials, do a lot of small home projects and repairs, you will probably be very happy with a 12 volt lithium-ion drill. A few of the “major brands” such as Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and Bosch have tough, high performance products in this voltage category. If you are an avid do-it-yourself advocate or a contractor I would skip the voltages between 12 and 18 volt drills. At this stage a ½ inch chuck is a necessity also. Some contractors, when making a list of the best cordless drills they want to consider, may set their goals somewhat higher. A 24 volt or even a 36 volt drill may be needed to conquer their projects.

Many “features” are standard on cordless drills but you may want to check different brands to see what they offer. One simple feature that has been omitted on several drills is a tool holder for your screwdriver bits. This confuses me as every drill I have ever owned (quite a few) has held the bits. That is a major “must have” in my opinion. You can buy an add-on of this feature though.

What brands provide us with the top tools today? Honestly, that is a tough one. I have studied and tested many by class (voltage) and all have performed admirably for the tasks I gave them. Some seemed to have a bit more power while others took a little longer to charge. There were a few features I liked that were not present on all drills. Make sure your pick has 2 batteries and a keyless chuck. After that most features are a preference.

The bottom line? After thinking about your projects, make you a list. After studying features, reviews and specs you are ready to make an educated choice from the best cordless drills the market has to offer.

Some Of The Best 12 Volt Cordless Drills

These 12 volt drills are small in stature but large in performance. The manufacturer”s have packed solid power and run-time into an extremely lightweight cordless drill. These are perfect for a homeowner or a craftsman that has different needs. I have multiple drills. A smaller one comes in handy, especially in tight spots or for overhead drilling.

Best 12 Volt Cordless Drills

The Most Popular Choice – The 18 Volt Cordless Drill

Why, might you ask, have the 18 volt cordless drills become so popular?

Like most items we buy, there are pros and cons to cordless drills. The 18 volt category of drills is no exception. These tools are more expensive and heavier than our previously discussed 12 volt models, some as much as 2 to 3 pounds heavier. During a long workday this may cause some fatigue. The prices are higher, but now very affordable. The upside of the larger 18 volt drills is very worthy of discussion. I have personally used several drills in this class and have talked to others that have done likewise. We all agree that the 18 volt cordless drill is one of the most versatile and important tools we own.

Good cordless drills generally last for several years. If you have not replaced an old one or are looking to be a first time buyer you will be pleasantly surprised with the new technology.

After all, if someone had told you a while back that there were cordless drills on the market that had 250% more runtime, weighed 40 to 50% less than previous models and had more power, would you believe it?

I didn’t until I tested one. I was immediately impressed and bought a new one a couple of days later. The newer technology is called Lithium-ion.  It is the best advancement in drills since they were invented. In this writers opinion it has made the even the larger tools usable by women and men alike. Even though we are calling them larger, they are ergonomically designed for comfort and smaller hands. They are significantly smaller than their predecessors.

At our house, we are avid cordless drill users. We use them inside and out, for automotive and home repairs. We own 4 cordless drills and make use of all of them. One, a small 12 volt, belongs to my wife. But rest assured, if she encounters a job where a little more power is needed she grabs one of the 18 volt drills and goes to work.

I came home from a job one day and she was in the basement drilling holes in the concrete wall for shelving. She had the 18 volt Makita drill and had just finished installing several anchors. I was proud of her. Actually, I love the fact that she will tackle home chores, it gives me a chance to go to the golf course!

Browsing the internet can be time consuming. I would suggest you try Amazon .com if you have an interest in any tools. They have a huge assortment and delivery is usually in just 2 days.

Bottom line? It’s nice to have a small 10.8 or 12 volt drill as an extra. But if you want to purchase one good drill then an 18 volt would be your best bet. Unless you work in tight spaces or use your drill very sparingly, the slightly larger and more powerful 18 volt cordless drill will handle all of your projects.

Top Notch 18 Volt Cordless Drills

To find the Best Cordless Drills in the 18 volt category, check these out below…

18 Volt Cordless Drills

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Folding and Extension Ladders Make Your Life Easier

Articulating, Folding, And Extension Ladders… All in One Ladder System!

At some point every home is going to need a little maintenance or repair work done to it.   Whether it is the usual household maintenance like cleaning out the gutters or repair work like fixing a pipe, there is usually something that needs to be done. That is why it is important to have all the proper equipment on hand for when those situations arise, and one important piece of equipment to have is a multi purpose ladder.

Werner MT-22I personally think having a multi purpose ladder should be a requirement in every home because lets face it, not all ladders are created equally. I have purchased a few ladders in my day because I needed a specific ladder for a specific job, and then later realized I needed a different ladder for a different job. Had I purchased a multi purpose ladder from the beginning, I would have saved myself some time and money.

Currently I own a multipurpose ladder that folds, can be an extension ladder and can even be articulated into various shapes to hold planking for standing on.  Best of all I paid about 200 to 300 dollars for it 15 years ago and it still works like brand new today.  Now that is a bargain in my opinion!

To help those of you who may want to know a bit more about multipurpose ladders,  the main benefit of these ladders is its ability to “morph” into many different other types of ladders just by reconfiguring its flex points.  In other words, depending on how you bend the sections of the framing, it can be set up in a variety of different configurations such as a scaffold, straight ladder, step ladder, and extension ladder, just to name a few. It is extremely versatile and durable allowing you the ability to use it for any job inside or outside of your home.

Most multi purpose ladders have about a 300 pound weight capacity and have a variety of heights ranging anywhere from 7 ft to 21ft.  Now imagine how many separate ladders you would have to purchase to do all the jobs around your home, whether it is a small step ladder to hang a picture or clean your blinds, an extension ladder to get on top of the roof, or a ladder needed on a stairway.

Not only is that a lot of ladders, then you run into this issue of where to store them all. Generally speaking, the multi purpose ladder can be folded down for easy storage.  Better yet, if you buy an aluminum made foldable ladder, its very light weight and can be hung by a few hooks in your garage or multipurpose room.

I also want to mention that having the proper ladder for each situation is not only an issue of functionality, but it is also a matter of safety.  Thousands of people are injured every year due to improper use of a ladder.  Two common situations that cause people to fall of a ladder is that they extend themselves past the edge of the ladder or they stand on the very top of the ladder because it is not tall enough.

It is hard to predict what kind of ladder you may need around the home for future projects so instead of making what you have work and risking potential injury, it is best to invest in a more versatile ladder.  So before you start that next project on the house, do yourself a favor and invest in a multi use ladder to ensure that from that project going forward you will always have the right ladder for the job.

I did a little digging on Amazon for you and have a couple of very highly rated ladders listed below for you to check out.  Both of these have free shipping (which is awesome because of the weight) and they both are reasonbly inexpensive.   The first one is about $315 and the second is just a shade under $200.    I don’t think you can go wrong with either one, although the Werner seems to be the more popular of the two…most likely because of price.

Little Giant 10102LGW Ladder System

Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder

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Best Steam Mop for Tile and Grout

What’s the Best Steam Mop for Tile and Grout in 2019?

It is no longer necessary to use a dingy mop with dirty water to clean a floor, as manufacturers have designed some pretty amazing cleaning equipment that allows you to take care of the mess without any stress or fuss.

Steam mops are the best thing since vacuum cleaners, as it allows you to take care of other types of floor surfaces without having to get down on your knees and scrub.

The hot steam penetrates even the toughest dirt, making it that much easier to remove the dirt and grime without damaging the floor. There are some pretty neat designs on the market, and these are known to tackle tiles and grout head-on.

Best Hard Floor Steam Mop under $100

Bissell PowerfreshBissell Powerfresh Steam Mop:

There are many reasons why this Bissell steam mop is at the top of the list, and customer satisfaction is only one of them. This mop seems like it has super powers, as there is now way that something this lightweight can pack such a good cleaning punch, yet it does.

The steam infiltrates the dirt and grime on a whole new level, and nothing can escape its path of sanitation. This mop is a great for those who have some trouble with allergens and bacteria, as it takes care of things on a microscopic level.

The added bonus of using a steam mop such as this one is that there is hardly any need to chemicals, as the steam penetrates and loosens the dirt. Using a steam mop ensures that the environment remains safe a germ-free for the whole family, and is a wonderful addition to households that have pets.

Floors that often provide a bit of a challenge when it comes to cleaning, are tiled floors, as the grouting often holds on to the dirt and requires some intense scrubbing before it lets it go. The steam action sorts this out in no time at all, making cleaning one of the preferred chores in the household.

Best Steam Mop for Pet Hair on Tile

Bissell Powerfresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop: 

A bit of an upgrade to the previous model is this one, that pays special attention to those pesky pet hairs that tend to accumulate on a daily basis.

Using a steam mop in an area where the pets are known to frequent, will also ensure that dander and dirt from outside are taken care of in minutes.

This is perfect for family members or visitors that have a hard time with allergies and general sensitivity. Having the furry friends indoors can also lead to a bit of a lingering odor that is quite tough to get rid of.

The steam mop counteracts this nicely by ensuring it tackles any smells on hard surfaces such as floors and furniture, which will improve the overall smell in your house.

The best part of having a steam mop in a pet environment has to be the fact that all these things can be achieved without having to fuss about chemicals, as the steam takes care of everything.

Fastest Heating Tile Floor Steam Mop

Hoover Steam Scrub Pro Steam MopHoover Steam Scrub Pro Steam Mop:

There is something about Hoover that just makes it an obvious choice for those who want to have a great quality product at a super price, and this model is no different. Steam mops are just terrific when it comes to sanitizing hard floors, as they are able to penetrate the dirt on a microscopic level, thanks to the heat and pressure. This allows you to clean seemingly tough stains with little to no effort at all.

And yes, this may seem like a “Hover vs Bissell” kind of article, and I guess it is to a point. They are both incredible machines. But I also agree there are other great brands too. So you ca check out the Hoover vs Shark article here, or look through Tina for Home Design to get more ideas on which cleaner fits your purpose and budget.

This mop is also ideal for those moments where you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning, as it takes very little time to heat up.

And added benefit of using a steam mop instead of just the regular type is that the steam can take care of even the trickiest areas, such as the grout between tiles.

This tends to be a bit of a dirt trap, is the bane of any good housekeeper’s existence. Steam is the ultimate friend for those who wish to have a clean house that is sanitized and odorless.

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent who has decided to take care of the cleaning as well, or you simply take care of it after work, getting it done in the quickest amount of time possible is usually the top requirement on the list. Having a mop that takes care of all these and still provides a deep clean makes it worth the investment.

The price on many of these items are quite reasonable, allowing you to have a high standard of cleaning without necessarily having to pay the accompanying price.

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Changing Locks – Should You DIY?

What Exactly Does “Changing Locks” Mean?

What really happens when my locks are changed?

Changing locks is a loose industry term. Some prefer Re-keying Locks or Re-pinning locks. Whichever term you like the best, the process is the same.

The outcome when changing locks is for the old keys not to work in the locks any more. More so a qualified locksmith will ensure the locks are working correctly and are secure.

Secure to a locksmith can be quite different to a non-locksmith,someone who is not a locksmith will probably accept that a door is secure if they give it a shake, and it does not open.

A locksmith will look to make sure dead-latching pins are seated correctly, the lock is operating correctly, the lock is not vulnerable to easy entry techniques, the lock meets building code regulations and much more.

As for handymen, builders, locksmith want-to-be’s, etc changing locks. well I will get to that a bit later.

Locksmith Assesses Locks

When a qualified locksmith assesses a particular lock that has to be changed there are two primary considerations.

  1. Is the lock in good working condition, or should it be replaced?
  2. Is the lock compatible with other locks on the property for keying alike or master keying?

If the lock is obviously damaged or needs replacing, the locksmith should at the very least inform the owner of the property of the issues with the lock. There are very few customers that would leave a broken or insecure lock on a door.

If the locks on the house are of the same key type often keying alike the locks is a good option. This cuts down on the number of keys that are required by making two or more locks work on the same key.

Sometimes the locks on a property are not compatible or for some reason it is not practical to use the existing locks.

Often new cylinders can be used as replacements for the existing lock cylinders. The new cylinders will be on the same key and often are compatible with some of the existing locks on the property.

Sometimes complete new locks have to be fitted to the doors of a property. Usually with new locks you have a choice and can either key the locks alike so the same key opens them, or keep the locks on a separate key.

Master Keying

Master Keying is also an alternative to keyed alike locks. Master keying is when you have 1 key which opens all the locks and individual keys to open each lock as well. You can imagine this would be of great advantage in a motel where the cleaners carry just 1 key to open all the rooms and the motel clients only have a key to their room door.

Another example of master keying is where you have 1 key to open your house and gate, and another key that just opens your gate. The gate key can be given to the Gardner to keep the lawns but the Gardner can not access your house.


There are different techniques for changing different locks.

The majority of locks we change are pin tumbler locks. When we change a pin tumbler lock either we replace the whole barrel or we change the combination of the existing lock barrel. Often even the new barrel will be re-combinated to match a certain(new) key.

As the usual method of changing locks is to change the combination of the existing lock cylinder, it is not possible to give back the old barrels.

Pin Tumbler Locks

To change the combination of a pin tumbler lock first a new key has to be made. The new key has to cut on the same blank as the lock we are re-combinating so as to fit into the lock barrel.

Once the new keys are cut the lock barrel must be removed from the cylinder or the lock pins removed. Every lock has a different technique for removing the pins. The lock has 2 sets of pins. Top Pins and Bottom Pins.

It is the bottom pins which touch the key when it is inserted. It is also the bottom pins which contain the combination for the lock. By replacing the bottom pins with new, correct sized bottom pins the new combination is set into the lock cylinder.

When the lock cylinder is fitted back to the door, only the new key which was cut will work in the lock. The old key will not work anymore as the new combination does not match it .

Handyman and Locks

Now, on the subject of handymen, builders, would be locksmiths, etc. I am not trying to have a go at anyone. Just that the process described here is a bit more complicated then it sounds. Qualified locksmiths learn this process through a 4 year apprenticeship and it requires many hours of training to become proficient at changing all types of locks.

The handyman will usually only be able to replace your locks or cylinders. The problem with this is it is very difficult to carry every type of lock you require if you are just replacing locks.

It would usually mean a trip to a lock shop to buy the new locks and cylinders they require.

When the handyman discovers the lock he needs for a particular door is not available or worse still no longer made he must fit another lock to the door. Fitting a different type of lock means drilling holes, chiseling extra timber from the door, using fillers, etc.

The result is usually a job that took a lot more time and often holes and marks are left behind from the original lock. There is also the issue of extra timber being removed from the door which could weaken the door.

The handyman probably has little knowledge of locks, building codes, levels of security, deadlocking requirements, etc. It is not the handyman’s fault as it is not his profession. The time wasted and problems caused could have been avoided by using a qualified locksmith in the first place.

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Best Bug Zappers Reviewed for the Summer (2019)

The Best Bug Zappers to Have Fun With!

Fed up of biting insects on your patio or deck? Yeah, me too! But, who said bugs can’t be fun?

I LOVE my zapper! I love killing mosquitoes all night if I can. Just holding the button down and frying another mosquito brings me true joy. Yeah, maybe a bit lame, but it is what it is.

My insect zappers reviews are useful if you just want to get rid of pesky insects fast and without any hassle. There are only a few top rated examples available on the market, and I have selected the best of those, to save you time when shopping for something to get rid of pesky bugs.

Insect-zappers come in many shapes and sizes. Fortunately, bugs are often attracted to particular lights, colors, and other aesthetic qualities that make it easy to catch them and get rid of these pesky problems as no one wants these biting bugs around their living space.

With the reviews I have drafted up specifically for this, so read this article, I will showcase just a few specific insect-zapping products that I have found to be really good and actually work. Black flies are a problem here in spring in Ontario, then the mosquitoes, so we are always looking for ways to escape them!

Best bug killing devices for the money

There are many bug zapping appliances available on the market, but most are very poorly rated and considered not very effective.

Here is a list of the few best insect zappers that are considered effective and will hopefully allow you to enjoy evenings out on the patio.


Did you know that the really big ones are actually the males? And that the males do NOT drink your blood. Only female mosquitoes bite you. This is because they need blood to raise their babies. Less than 5% of all mosquitoes are males. All the rest are biting females.

Black Flag BZ-40 40-Watt Outdoor Bug Zapper

A great product to kick of these reviews is the Black Flag BZ-40 40-Watt Outdoor Bug Zapper. This outdoor appliance is intended for medium to large sized yards, and includes a mosquito lure built in. For the size and price alone, it is hard to find much to complain about.

The product is built very nicely for what it is intended to do. That is, sit around and kill insects for you. On that latter point, this insect zapping device really does pack a punch with 5,500 volts of power.

If you truly have a special insect problem outside of your home, this bug zapper will get the job done in no time for you.

Best electric bug zappers on the market

These electric bug zappers considered quite effective, and are well rated by consumers. They vary in size and price as you can see, and the Flowtron products are considered the market leaders, and great value for money.

Dynatrap DT2000XL

Another bug zapping appliance you should check out is the DynaTrap DT2000XL Electronic Insect Eliminator, 1-Acre Coverage.

This product is great for people who have serious problems with mosquitoes. The best part about this is that it does not add any chemicals to the environment, which could potentially harm the Earth and people living in or around your home.

While this insect zapper works in a similar way to other devices on the market, it covers a much larger range of space.

Overall, this is not a bad choice for an insect zapper.

INADAYS InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer and Elegant Night Light

Best trap type electronic bug killers and catcher.

If you do not want to hear a zap or do not like the thought of electrocuting irritating insects, this model is a little more subtle and quiet.

It has an attractive trap design for catching insects, and it is up to you to dispose of them as you like.

This particular model also has a nice looking night light. It actually looks like a lamp which is a lot nicer to have around then the normal bug repellents you usually see.

Flowtron Diplomat Outdoor/Indoor Fly & Insect Control

The last recommended product for today is the Flowtron Diplomat Outdoor/Indoor Fly & Insect Control.

While this is a relatively expensive product, if you are having major problems with mosquitoes, insects, and other pesky creatures, you will no doubt appreciate having this device. In many respects, this is a larger variation of the first product reviewed in this article.

It is also worth noting that this device can be used both inside and outside, and covers a very large area to boot. The basis of this product is the ultraviolent black light that attracts insects, but will not bother you or your family. This is one of the highest reviewed bug zapping products on the market as well.

I trust these products to perform well for you. Hopefully these insect zappers reviews have been a great read and provided you with useful knowledge that can be applied to future purchases.

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Lost Keys? Find Your Keys With An Electronic Key Finder Gadget

Electronic Key Finder Gadgets That Can Save You

A Wireless Remote Control Key Finder * A Key Finder Gadget * An Electronic Key Finder * A Key Finder Thingy * Buy One Now and Find Your Missing Keys *

Do you ever misplace your keys? If not, I salute you. If you do, you may be interested in this little key finder gadget.

People love to talk about the weather and, in this case, it is the weather that makes me long for an electronic key finder. For you see, as the seasons come and go and, even within one season, I change coats daily. The coat that I wore two days ago may not be light enough for today’s unusually warm conditions so I switch. And I switch again.

Perhaps I return home with my hands laden with items for my eBay store, I pull off my winter gloves, unlock the door and enter barely managing to deposit all that is in my arms safely on the floor…keys included. Or in another scenario, my son retrieves something from the car and returns, saying, “Here are your keys, Mom” and deposits them…on the washer in the laundry room or on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen.

You can guess what is coming next. The morning is flying by and I have my eBay parcels ready to take to the post office but…where oh where have my little keys gone? A key finder would be an extremely practical device at this moment in helping me find my lost keys!

Of course, until December I did not know that such a device even existed. We had a telephone once with a ‘finder’ button on it so that you could locate the handset when you set it down somewhere where it does not belong but I had no idea that they made similar gadgets for keys. Then I read an article in the newspaper and discovered “Gadgets to help find your keys.”

A key finder gadget is just one name of many that I found for this little electronic device. I have also seen them called electronic key finders and, believe it or not, a key finder thing or thingy. Whatever you choose to call it, stay tuned to this page for more details about some of the key finders available to help you find your keys.

What ways would you use an electronic key finder?

Some of these devices come with advice NOT to affix these units to pets or children!

  1. To locate my missing keys, of course, Brenda. You’re not the only one who misplaces her keys.
  2. To find that pesky cell phone.
  3. To find the remote control, all seven of them.
  4. To find your wallet (assuming there is something in it!)
  5. To find my husband’s glasses
  6. To find my husband, assuming he has not roamed too far!
  7. To find the telephone handset (if you did not buy a phone with a locator built in!)

Are you tired of misplacing your keys? Searching for your wallet? Losing your glasses?

Then a wireless remote control key finder may be just what you need.

On this page you will find a discussion of four great key finder gadgets. They are four that received high star scores from Amazon’s customer reviewers. None of these gadgets are perfect, but they have helped many people find their misplaced keys. You can click on any of the following finders to purchase one or to read more about it or you can visit Amazon’s key locator’s to see a page full of key finders that I have not highlighted on this page.

Click 'N Dig Wireless Key FinderClick ‘N Dig Wireless Key Finder

The Click ‘N Dig Wireless Key Finder has a radio-frequency locator to help you find your missing items. It includes two key-ring receivers as well as two receiver plates and a single radio transmitter. You use the color-coded buttons to find up to four missing items that are located up to 60 feet away.

2-Way RF Find One Find All (FOFA ) Key Finder and Wallet Locator Set

The Find One Find All Key Finder (FOFA for short) has no separate base transmitter. Rather, all of the pieces are transmitters so if you can find one, you will be able to find them all. You will receive one key-fob style and one flat wallet style which will allow you to put one on your keys and one on your wallet or even your remote control.

jtd key finderJTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder

This thing finds whatever you need when you need it. It has 4 thingys to use for your remote, keys, phone, whatever. And  of course the receiver. It can penetrate through walls or even if something is hidden under your bed, it’ll alert you with no problems.

EZ-Find! 25 Item Wireless Electronic Locator

The EZ-Find is a handheld remote device with LCD screen this unit will track up to 25 items including gameboys, phones, DS’s cameras, wallets, pets and of course anything else you might lose upon occasion. Each tag is assigned a number. For instance, the number ‘1’ represents Brenda’s keys. When you’ve misplaced an item, just press ‘Find’ and a loud beep will have you locating the item quickly.

LOC8TOR Plus PackLOC8TOR Plus Pack – More than a key locator.

The LOC8TOR Plus Pack is the most expensive key finder I am featuring on this page. Amazon calls it the “ultimate tool” for helping you find and protect your belongings. It can be used in two manners — as a locate or an alert device. When used in locate mode, it will help you find things by allowing you to select the item that you want to locate. It can also be used to let you know or alert you when something or someone has wandered off.

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The Best Flooring is the Right Flooring

What’s the Best flooring for your Home?

Whether it is for one specific space, or for rooms that seem to stretch on forever, the challenge of selecting the right flooring for your home can be a daunting one. Each flooring type has its own special set of advantages and disadvantages, and finding the flooring that is just right for you means balancing taste, budget, aesthetics and practicality.

To determine what is the best flooring AND the right flooring, the first step is to evaluate your lifestyle. If the room is going to be used by children or pets, or you have little time for special floor care, a white plush carpet may not be the best choice. Light color carpets and tiles with wide grout seams will require more maintenance, and should probably be reserved for low traffic rooms.

Darker colors and patterned carpets are good choices for heavy traffic areas, and hard materials, like ceramic tile and Ultra flooring are excellent choices for areas that will endure the most dirt, dust and moisture.

Consider also the design and architectural features in the room. Will there be unusually high humidity or water present in the room? Is there a lot of direct sunlight that might fade certain colors? Are heating and cooling vents in the floors? Does the room have radiant heat?


The most perfect choice in flooring will be a disappointment if it doesn’t work successfully with the other systems and architectural features in the room. The selections appropriate to any room features are extensive, so your design choices should not be compromised by the restrictions created by other features in the space

hardwood flooringAfter you have determined what kind of flooring is best for your project, you can consider the look you want for your floors. For every kind of flooring there are seemingly limitless design options, so making the practical surface choice should not restrict your ability to get the look you want for the ultra flooring . Evaluate the look you are trying create: are you seeking warm and cozy, sleek and uncomplicated, clean and sterile?

The traditional matches between room use and flooring choices (soft carpets for bedrooms, tiles or vinyl for kitchens and baths, hardwoods or carpets for formal rooms) may be the obvious way to go.

Or, you may wish to take some design risks, and mix flooring materials for a special, one-of-a-kind look.

Using stone and hardwoods together, or combining various tile sizes and surfaces in one room, can give a room a special custom look, assist in defining space functions, or act as transitions from one room to the next.

Hardwood flooring has the advantage of being sturdy and strong, and maintains its value throughout its useful life. Engineered wood flooring, which is formed by layers of wood topped with a veneer, is slightly more expensive than solid wood flooring.

Wood floors have the disadvantage of being prone to scratches and gouges, and can warp, crack or discolor if exposed to prolonged extremes of wetness or dryness.

Hardwoods are easy to maintain with vacuuming and dusting, and require refinishing every 10 to 15 years. It can cost from $6 to $15 per square foot and can be done easily enough by most flooring specialists.

laminate flooring installLaminate floors, manufactured to resemble wood or ceramic tile floors at a less expensive price, are durable and easy to maintain.

This versatile, durable and affordable flooring option has become a favorite of builders and decorators.

Maintenance is a regular damp mop; laminate flooring may need to be replaced every 10 years. Laminates cost range between $2 and $10 per square foot.

Ceramic tiles are durable, decorative, and add value to the home. The great range of styles, colors and surfaces make tile an appropriate choice for any style, taste or budget.

Though they can be cold on bare feet and light colored tiles with generous grout seams can be more difficult to keep clean, ceramic tile offers both style and strength. Most commonly used in the bathroom, they can be used anywhere to make a beautiful and dramatic floor.

Maintenance is regular mopping or sweeping. Tiles will need to be resealed and grout stripped every 10 to 15 years. Tiles can cost as little as $.79 each, or as much as $10 each, depending on quality, size and style.

Carpeting is a less expensive option, easy to install, and available in many styles, fibers and colors. It may need to be replaced every five to seven years, depending on its use and quality. It is easy to maintain by regular vacuuming and annual deep cleaning or shampooing. Carpeting costs from $1 to $15 per square foot.

Vinyl floors are attractive, durable and affordable. Vinyl flooring is remarkably sturdy and wear resistant. One of the most attractive features of vinyl flooring is the incredible array of colors and designs available. It is extremely easy to maintain by regularly sweeping and mopping. Vinyl flooring costs from $1 to $4 per square foot.

Each flooring type has its own advantages and disadvantages. By comparing their particular features, you can determine which is best for every space in your home.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Don’t Blow Money On Your Air Conditioning System

Are you looking for a way to save money on your electric bill this summer? When people think about saving on their electric bill, they usually think about turning off the lights, or not leaving the refrigerator door open, but what they don’t realize is that maintaining their AC system is one of the easiest ways they can reduce their electric bill.

With the summer heat, a fine-tuned AC system working at maximum efficiency can blow extra savings your way.

There are two AC system tasks that many people can do themselves. First is to replace the air filter. This is one of the most important and easiest things that can be done each month. Check out the manufacturers guide for a detailed description of the type of air filter your system uses.

Clogged air filters cost you money in two different ways. First, a clogged filter reduces air flow to the blower. That means your AC system has to run longer to move enough air to cool your home to the desired temperature. The longer your AC runs, the larger your electric bill.

The second way is that a clogged filter also lets dusty air get inside the unit. What happens to this dusty air? The dust begins to build up on the blower.

The blower works like a fan, with many “fan blades” pushing the air through the AC system and out through the vents. The dust build up reduces airflow which causes the AC system to run longer, which raises your electric bill.

Another disadvantage to dust build is that if enough builds up, it can cause the blower to become unbalanced. This condition puts an extra load or force on the motor which drives the blower. The motor works harder to overcome this force. The harder the motor works, the more electricity that’s used. If the dust is not removed it can damage the motor. The motor must then be replaced which can be costly.

The second task is to make sure your AC system compressor on the outside of your home is clean. A compressor which is clogged with grass, dirt and other debris will run longer to cool your home, and we all know what that means!

Aside from the maintenance tasks you can do, it is a good idea to have your system serviced annually by a reputable heating and cooling contractor. Call around and get several quotes before selecting a contractor. When you properly maintain your AC system you get to enjoy both a comfortable home, and lower energy bills.

Choose the Right Air Conditioner Repair Service

In cold climates, homeowners usually pay a high gas bill and a lower electric bill because they use their gas furnace more than they do their air conditioner. But in hot climates like the American South, the opposite is generally true: homeowners don’t use their gas furnaces nearly as much as they use their air conditioning systems, which can result in annual electric bills that are significantly above the national average.

If you live in Atlanta and are looking for a solution to your high annual electric bills, chances are that the optimal solution will focus primarily on implementing an air conditioning system that doesn’t use as much electricity. But in order to realize the optimal temperature control solution, you can’t expect for an air conditioning repair supplier to know the right solution simply because they service homes in the south.

Below, we list three things that you should look for in an air conditioning repair company as you search for an energy efficient heating and cooling solution for your new air conditioning installation.

Familiarity with Warm-Climate Weatherization Measures

In the 1990’s, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) discovered that states in warm regions were saving less energy than states in cold regions due to increased air conditioning usage. As a result, in 1994, the DOE issued regulations for increasing cooling efficiency for homes in warmer climates. These measures include: providing circulating fans that circulate inside air, implementing ventilating fans that draw in cool air at night and addressing duct system inefficiency.

A heating and cooling company with knowledge of these measures can work with you to develop a cooling system that depends on more than what kind of air conditioner you use. For example, a company that is familiar with the DOE’s regulations will likely perform an analysis of your ductwork instead of immediately advising you to replace your central air conditioning unit.

Energy Efficient Cooling Equipment

Although implementing the DOE’s regulations can help reduce your annual electric bill, reducing it as much as possible usually involves replacing old AC systems with energy efficient systems. While energy efficient technology usually costs more than traditional technology upfront, it can bring long-term savings in the form of reduced utility costs that more than exceeds the price differential between energy efficient and non-energy efficient technology.

The energy efficiency of an air conditioner is based on its numerical SEER rating, with the higher numbers indicating higher energy efficiency. Implementing an energy efficient central air conditioner can require a significant investment, but the return on that investment is always worth it.


A Consummate Inspection of Your Home’s Cooling Profile

In order to arrive at a solution that makes the most financial sense, a heating and cooling company must perform a comprehensive analysis of your home’s cooling needs. In addition to determining the size of air conditioner that you need based on your home’s square footage, a responsible heating and cooling company will also analyze your cooling needs in relation to the following aspects of your dwelling: the presence of direct shade, window placement, energy efficiency rating of doors and windows and building envelop or lack thereof.

Only with these factors in mind can a heating and cooling professional make sensible recommendations for cooling your home in a more energy efficient manner.

How to Get the Right Air Conditioning Maintenance Schedule

If you’re looking for a central air conditioning maintenance schedule, then you may already know what you need, and which one will be most appropriate for you. Alternatively you might not know what to look for. Here’s what you need to consider.

1. You’ll need to think about why you need a heating and ventilation, central air conditioning maintenance schedule for your shop or office that your system is in. Have you suffered a failure or down time before? Is it a new, or an old system? Is it regularly maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations?

2. You’ll also need to consider the implications of your business having to close due to heating and ventilation issues. If you had to wait several days for an engineer, could your business cope? What would your staff and customers do in the meantime?

3. You’ll want to know exactly what’s covered in your central air conditioning maintenance schedule, so that you know what to expect. There may be different schedules and levels of cover available. Air con failure in a busy server room, or a hotel, or a department store, might be more important than failure in a board room that’s only used a few times a month.

4. If you want your air con to have a regular central air conditioning maintenance schedule and servicing, then you’ll need the right one for your situation. Why not discuss your requirements with your air conditioning installation, or maintenance company, and see what they recommend?

5. Remember that prevention is better than cure, so if your heating and ventilation system is quite old, or you can’t remember the last time it was serviced, you might want to take out a central air conditioning maintenance schedule contract sooner rather than later.

6. It’s important that your repairs or servicing causes minimal disruption to your business. You don’t want to have to close for a day, or have your call centre staff interrupted whilst on the phone. Why not ensure that your chosen company can work out of hours for you?

7. You’ll want to make sure that your air con is working efficiently, and regular central air conditioning maintenance schedule and servicing can ensure this. You’ll need to know what the manufacturer recommends, and what how it can be done.

8. A heating and ventilation system that s working efficiently will be costing less to run, and so a maintenance contract will pay for itself over time, as well as offering the other essential benefits.

9. If you’re anxious to do your bit for the planet, then an efficient central air conditioning maintenance schedule is also better for the environment, as well as your staff and customers.

10. The cost of a central air conditioning maintenance schedule might be important, but it’s important not to buy solely on cost. You’ll want to get the right level of cover and support for your system and your business. There’s no point in choosing the cheapest option, and knowing that it won’t be what you need if your air conditioning fails.

Now you know what to look for in a central air conditioning maintenance schedule. You should now be able to choose the right central air conditioning maintenance schedule contract, and have the coverage you need.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless air conditioning systems are considered the simplest alternative to render cooling or heating in our homes. This article talks about split ductless air conditioning systems.

An air conditioner is one home appliance that is considered a luxury by some, while others see it as a necessity. It’s need mostly depends on the climate and area of the particular region in question. A majority of people are not aware of what ductless air conditioning systems are, although these systems are considered to have several benefits over other standard systems. If you are looking forward to installing an air conditioner in your house, then you should at least understand the process of ductless air-conditioning. Ductless air conditioning systems, also known as split system air conditioners and mini split systems, are well known to provide comfort and quality living into your home.

What is Ductless Air Conditioning?

Ductless air conditioners are cooling systems which function without the utilization of central air duct systems. These systems comprise of a wall or ceiling-mounted blower to render air conditioning in a room. They are increasingly becoming a popular option over conventional air conditioners, and are used peculiarly in small apartments, sunporches, and houses that are built without the duct systems.

Components in Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

These systems comprise of two primary parts. The first one is a cooling component that is located inside the house, and the other one is the air compressor which is fixed on the outside of the house. Both the components are connected using a conduit which consists of a condensate drain, suction tubing, refrigerant tubing, and a power cord. These ACs come along with a remote control, and are incorporated with built-in timers which are put into use for setting the systems’ cycle.

Function of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

These systems are designed and made with a pair of refrigerant lines which are present between both the systems’ inside and outside components. The first pair is responsible for providing electricity, whereas the second one removes water or condensate. This process maintains a flow of cool air from the compressor component to the cooling unit which delivers the cool air inside the room.

Capacity of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

For an average home, three of these systems are more than enough to provide cooling to the complete house without the use of air ducts. You may utilize a particular system for cooling only one single room or the whole house. This is due to the fact that every separate unit is incorporated with a thermostat which allows you to set different temperature levels for separate rooms they are situated in. Moreover, their fan also provides variable speeds.

Installation Costs of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Depending upon how big your house is, the installation expenses for an entire system range from approximately $2000 to $7000 if you’re looking at ac repair. Ductless air conditioning systems cost is about twice than that of installing a window system and around 30% more than a central system installation, if your home already has ducts. If your house does not have ducts or the space to install them, it is generally less costly to install a ductless air conditioning system than a central system.

Choosing the Appropriate System

It is most significant that you choose the right size of ductless system for the purpose of comfort as well as operating expenses. The aspects that need to be considered when choosing one of the correct sizes are square footage of the space to be covered by the system, type of lifestyle, number of people residing, climate, number and kinds of house windows, thickness of insulation in the walls, insulation in the attic, and many others.

Advantages of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

These ductless systems provide a range of advantages over conventional air conditioners. Just because you do not require ductwork, they are simpler and cheaper to install. Moreover, they also take less space to be installed, as a result, they are able to fit in any space which others cannot fit into. The noisiest unit is the outside one, so these systems are generally quieter than their counterparts. Read more on portable air conditioners.

Due to the spot cooling facility provided by ductless air conditioning systems, they are mostly employed in rooms that have machinery and desktop computers, which require a certain level of temperature to be maintained. They are certainly known to maintain any kind of cooling desired.

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