Decorating Your Living Room On A Budget

Cheap Ways to Spruce Up Your Living Room

Decorating a living room can be a lot of fun and gives you an opportunity to note off your creativity and ingenuity to anyone who comes into your home, as your living room is usually the first room in the house that a guest sees. Living rooms can be as formal and clarify as you’d like, or as informal and easy as you’d like. The choice is up to you! And either way, you can decorate your living room on a budget, without breaking the bank. The quickest and easiest way to start the process of decorating your living room, is to make sure it’s well-kept and tidy at all times.

Dispense with clutter. Be sure that your furniture is in as ample repair as possible. Make sure there aren’t any holes or scuffs on the walls. Clean light fixtures once in awhile. And make certain to get rid of cobwebs too. Use a spot treatment or stain-remover on any carpet you have in your living room. Use a furniture polish on your wooden furniture at least once a month, and also periodically dust your knicknacks and tops of bookcases, etc. Pleasant housekeeping and de-cluttering makes a large difference in how your living room looks! Modern design is clean, uncluttered and light.

Paint/Wall Decor– Another quick “fix” for decorating your living room is a coat of paint in a color that coordinates with your furniture or decorating contrivance! You can find paint pretty cheap, and it’s an amazing “life-giver” to rooms that are boring or look outdated. A semi-gloss latex looks best, but you can also use objective plain, cheap flat paint in a light color to change the look of your living room. Paint one wall, two walls or paint all of them! There are many painting techniques that will give a room texture and depth, two of my favorites are “sponge” paint or “rag” painting. Both of these methods will add color to your room, give the walls a textured sight, and you can use two colors or as many colors as you’d like! Painting trim rather than walls is another way to update your living room, and takes far less paint and still have an aesthetically pleasing design.

You can also half-way up a wall and then assign a wallpaper border around it, at “chair-rail” height. Wall-paper borders by themselves are also a great way to spruce up a room, and you can score wall-paper borders at dollar stores and discount retailers for as minute as $1.00 a roll. Use wall-paper borders around the tops of walls near ceilings, at “chair-rail” height with or without paint, or around windows or doorways. Stenciled designs are also a great way to change your living-room’s look. You can make the designs as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Stencil where you would put wall-paper borders or even in vertical rows on one wall for a “wall-papered” look.

Furniture– Never underestimate the power of simply adding a throw to your couch or using slipcovers to screen ancient upholstery! Sure, we all want a nice, new updated living room set, but most people don’t have the money tosofa and throw pillow just go out and consume all that tag new. So, make do with what you have. If it’s in your budget, you can buy unbiased one part to update the look of your living room. Shop yard sales and thrift shops too, you never know what you might find for your living room in one of these places. If you don’t have a couch, and can’t afford to buy one, there are many options! Use a futon or daybed, and oversized throw pillows to create a cozy “couch” for your living room. I’ve even used a twin bed on a metal frame, with no headboard or footboard as a couch before… I simply chose a pretty comforter to go over it, and then made a bunch of oversized throw pillows to make a “couch”. It worked out nicely, and even better, provided an extra place for an overnight guest to sleep!

Coffee tables can be made out of impartial about anything… Old trunks, 4 cinder blocks and a piece of wood, a nightstand or even a small child’s table can get an excellent coffee table, and you can buy these things at thrift shops or yard sales as well! An obsolete dresser or nightstand can double as a television stand that also provides extra storage, you can utilize cinder blocks and and narrow boards to make book cases with, a filing cabinet can double as an end table, just use your imagination! Furniture for your living room needn’t be expensive or complicated. Throws, pillows, slipcovers or even re-upholstering (if you can do it yourself!) are all reasonably cheap furniture solutions and won’t smash the bank.

Appliances– A large flat panel TV on the wall to focus the center of attention is always a nice and modern looking addition. If you can find a way to run all of the cords behind the flat screen so there’s no clutter, the sleek design can really update an old looking living room.

Floors– Whether you have carpet or hardwood floors, simple throw rugs or status rugs can make a dramatic difference in how your living room looks, and you can find these relatively cheap at discount stores. If you have hardwood floors, you can sand them down and re-stain them for a reasonable price if you are able to do it yourself or know someone who can!

Lighting– Don’t discount the possibilities that changing lighting can bring to your living room. You can earn inexpensive fixtures to replace at most major discount retailers. Sometimes simply changing the shades on your lamps can make a contrast, or replace all your lamps with “new” ones found at thrift shops. Assume different lighting styles, “over-head”, wall sconces, chandelier-style fixtures, etc. Floor lamps are another great lighting option as well. Or go with newer LED lighting that can change to any color for dramatic looks or a romantic atmosphere. Just exhaust your imagination and find a look that suits you!

WindowsWindow coverings can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You can sew your own curtains, or buy them pretty cheap at dollar stores or discount stores. Mini-blinds in place of curtains or drapes can make a room look more “modern.” Switching heavy, dark draperies with light, airy curtains or shades can instantly change the feel of a room. Lace curtains over light colored blinds can help insure that your living room stays lighter and feels larger. I have used twin-sized flat sheets to make simple curtains before. You can gain simple or elaborate valances, “swags” and other things out of simple, discount fabric, and create a room instantly more “formal”. Make your windows a focal point in your living room if you have good-sized windows and a nice view, it can wait on capture a person’s eyes off of the minor flaws in your furniture or flooring.

Wall Decor/Knicknacks– Never underestimate the power of simply changing or adding something to your walls. Decorate with quilts, tapestries, mirrors or groupings of family photos. Expend tins or other types of knicknacks in small groupings to showcase a hobby or interest. Expose your special flower arrangements or stuffed animals from a lover or friend, and give your living room a personalized, “cozy” feel. For a minimalist approach, try decorating with different sized and different colored rocks or stones, on your coffee table or tops of book cases. A basket of pine cones or a dried floral arrangement by a fireplace can give your living room a “homey” gape. Posters or reproductions of art pieces are great for wall decor as well, and can show off your “fun” side.

When it comes to decorating your living room on a budget, the sky’s the limit. Utilize your imagination, and see what happens! No change is too small when you’re decorating, and there are literally hundreds of home decorating books out there, for budgets of all sizes! Spend home decorating magazines for ideas or a “jumping off” point, and then use your imagination and give it your own personal touch. I promise, you’ll be pleased with the results, and your budget won’t be broken! You don’t have to restrict yourself to just “living room” furniture or the most common or popular themes, just announce yourself and make your living room be an expression of your interests and personality.

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An Overview of Hardwood Flooring

Is Hardwood Flooring the Best Option for Your Home?

As a major part of your overall decorating scheme, your home’s flooring can make the boldest statements regarding your personality. But flooring choices are as much practical as they are aesthetic, and hardwood floors provide the look and durability you need in a floor, with the beauty and excitement you want in your interior design.

There are three major types of solid wood flooring available:

  1. Strip Flooring – this is the most common, with strips ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/4 inches wide depending on the look you want. These are installed by nailing to the sub floor, and come in oak, maple, walnut, cherry, hickory and even bamboo.
  2. Plank Flooring – these boards are at least three inches wide, but usually larger, up to 12 inches wide. They can be nailed to the subfloor, but are typically screwed in. The screw holes are then covered with wooden plugs.
  3. Parquet Flooring – these 6” by 6” blocks come in a range of design patterns, allowing you to achieved dramatic geometric effects. Some specialty patterns are as large as 36 inches square; these can also be inlaid into more traditional wood flooring for a unique design detail.

>Wood flooring can be purchased finished or unfinished. Unfinished wood flooring must be sanded, stained and finished after installation. On the other hand, these extra steps can be avoided by using finished wood flooring, which only requires installation.

unfinished wood floor

The type of flooring you purchase is determined strictly by the look you want to achieve, although sometimes the architectural style of your home lends itself more to one type of flooring than another. But with the amount of choices today, you can pretty much achieve any custom flooring design you can imagine. In addition, the types of wood that are used, how the wood is laid out, whether it is painted or not, the color of stain, and the glossiness of the finish all effect the overall look of your room. Let’s look at some of these elements as they relate to your home.

Country & Colonial

Beginning with oldest home styles, you might own a colonial or country home, or want to achieve that look in a modern house. In these cases, wide plank flooring is your best basic choice. These planks are usually 4-12 inches wide. They can be purchased new, but because so many larger trees that would yield these wide boards have already been harvested, an entire secondary industry has arisen that salvages wide-plank flooring from older home and industrial buildings scheduled for demolition.

A colonial look would be extremely basic, with a light stain and urethane varnish. A hand-painted floor cloth is a perfect contrast to the plain wood in a colonial-style home.

With country, the stain may be a little darker, but here you have the additional design element of stenciling a border around the floor to give the look of home-spun craftsmanship. You may even wish to inlay one thin strip of darker wood as an offset to the larger planks. A different look can be achieved by painting the floor, whether solid or patterned with a checkerboard or the like. Where floors are painted, strip flooring will do in place of plank flooring.

traditional wood floor


The fun with a Victorian home is all the exciting wood patterns you can achieve using different types of strip flooring with different stains. Victorian homes are known for bright colors and bold statements, so a striped inlay flooring of contrasting colors looks great. One option is two rows of lighter maple flooring, with every third row being a darker walnut or hickory. You can also paint a Victorian floor, but use more vivid and contrasting colors than in a country home. And rather than a simple checkerboard pattern, offset it to a diamond pattern.

Arts and Crafts

This is where the whimsy of Victorian meets the sophistication of more traditional styles. An Arts & Crafts look calls for traditional strip flooring, but with inlaid borders of contrasting colors and woods. These borders can be simply smaller strips of wood, or more intricate classical motifs. A decorative wood inlay can make a spectacular statement. These inlays used to be installed by skilled craftsmen, but are now manufactured as preassembled pieces, and can be set into existing strip flooring by the handy do-it-yourselfer.

Traditional & Modern

Here is where the options are almost unlimited in the use of strip or parquet flooring. Perhaps you might opt for simple strip flooring throughout the home, but with dramatic parquet flooring in the foyer. Stains used can range from light to dark, depending on the style of your furniture and wall coverings, as well as the amount of light entering the room. Furthermore, the choice of varnish will enhance the look of the room. Use a plain or semi-floss urethane for the more casual rooms in your home, and a high gloss urethane for more formal living and entertaining rooms. Remember that your wood flooring is an extension of the interior design of the rest of your home, and it should blend with and complement that design.

The great advantage of wood flooring is that it can be bold and colorful, and yet exude a subtle warmth that welcomes guests to your home. Limited only by your imagination, the design of your wood floor is an extension of your personality and style.

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Metal Buildings – Steel Construction

The MANY Benefits of Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are commonly used for many purposes. Steel is often the most commonly used material in the construction of these buildings forming both the interior support structure and in many cases metal siding as well. Metal roofing is almost always used.

A metal building can have many uses such as creating storage space in agricultural or commercial environments but also in private homes. Offices and even some living spaces can also be constructed from steel.

Metal buildings have been in frequent use for around a century with their popularity increasing dramatically in the late 1940’s and 1950’s. This was due to the end of the Second World War causing the supply of steel to increase considerably allowing it to be used more freely in both the residential and the commercial markets.


Metal building construction can take a variety of forms. Two of the most commonly seen designs are the ‘straight-walled’ or ‘arched’ varieties. These two terms describe the appearance of the exterior structure and are what are found in most metal home kits.

The arched structure is often used in large agricultural buildings whereas the straight walled design which will provide a greater total amount of useable storage space is often seen in industrial buildings, factories or other commercial projects where metal storage buildings are often found. Metal building manufacturers will be able to advise which specific design will best suit your needs.

The interior structure will often be referred to as either ‘multiple span’ or ‘clear span’.  The difference here is that a clear span design will have no supports to strengthen the structure taking up space in the interior of the building.

This is achieved by using very large beams which support the weight of the building which are placed high up in the internal structure and therefore do not cause any kind of obstructions at ground level. This design is used where the interior of the building needs to consist of one large open space. Steel metal buildings using a multiple span design will have columns or some other form of supporting feature occupying some of the available interior space.

These designs will very often be more economical than the clear span options but the supports are likely to become obstructions where large vehicles or other sizeable objects need to be kept in a metal storage building. The type of interior structure used will therefore very much depend on the primary use of the building. The roofs on these buildings will often be produced from steel corrugated roofing material whether the metal roofs are arched, pitched or flat in design.



All designs of steel metal buildings have considerable strengths when compared to other building materials that could be used. Steel is in general a strong (especially where corrugated metal is used) and resilient material and so will often require only minimal maintenance. It is non-combustible and so desirable in many industrial or hazardous environments where fire risks may be higher than normal. These kinds of buildings can be constructed more quickly than most others and yet will still be of very high quality. Steel is also resistant to the destructive forces of termites and other insects which could cause serious damage to wood or other building materials. A further benefit is the flooring is usually concrete, another material that is weather resistant.

Smaller metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular choices for use in private steel homes.  A metal shed or carport can now be easily constructed using DIY metal building kits purchased from a metal building manufacturer or from many online stores. Metal garage buildings have also been used widely for a number of years as an alternative to traditional brick built garages. All of these structures are commonly produced from steel along with the many other types of metal buildings for sale which are designed for private homeowners.

If you are not comfortable erecting the structure yourself then there is a wide range of prefabricated metal buildings also available. These can be delivered to your home after being constructed by the manufacturer and transported to you. A huge range of sizes are available which should cater for the needs of most private citizens installing the buildings at home whether as pre engineered metal buildings or DIY projects. Many metal building prices for smaller structures are less than $5000 with the vast majority under $10,000.

With the usage of steel roofing materials also very popular it is now often sensible to construct an entire building from metal whether it is going to be used for commercial or private purposes. The many DIY construction packages now available make these metal buildings an even more attractive and economical option especially for homeowners and small businesses.

There are of course many professional construction, installation and maintenance services also available that will deal with metal buildings of any size.

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Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Modern bathrooms are designed to be a place to achieve serenity. There are many elements that are used in today’s bathroom design. Modern bathroom design uses a geometric pattern that stresses the straight line. Design ideas don’t waste any element for today’s bathroom; mirrors, space, window treatments, neutral tones and stainless steel all become a part of the retreat from life’s stress.

Newer items are making their entrance into modern bathroom design. Features like television sets are becoming common features incorporated into interior design.

As a general rule, the latest design elements are built around a minimalist. It has elements that are elegant, but simple and very few colors are used in the design. The interior painting scheme will use some soft, muted colors and neutral tones such as black and white are definitely in.

Surfaces are generally very smooth in appearance and there are not a lot of knickknacks. Toiletry items are neatly tucked away as there is absolutely no clutter.

shower design glass

Many of the fixtures and features will help establish the geometric design. Many times sinks and faucets are wall mounted. Ceramic and glass are some of the most popular choices for materials for bathroom plumbing features. Cabinets are designed to have a smooth appearance and usually have touch latches to avoid clutter and maintain the sleek look.

For bathroom heating, heated floor tiles are among one of the most popular choices for bathroom remodeling. For flooring that does not incorporate the use of heated floor tiles, large travertine marble tiles or engineered hardwood are used frequently. Plush wool rugs or Persian rugs are used to decorate the floors in modern bathroom design.

Lighting fixtures in the modern bathroom are used to create a soft effect. Incandescent lights are used in the vanity area and skylights are used for adding natural light. Window treatments that do not draw attention are used as part of the minimalist design.

Interior Design Resources

There are several elements to consider when performing any kind of interior design project. Sometimes our best ideas can come from seeing or hearing about what kinds of interesting things others have done with their designs. Thanks to the latest web 2.0 platforms we can see a wide variety of different styles represented and use them to rejuvenate our own creativity. The posts that will be shared here all have to do with various elements of interior design.

open walk in bathroom

Perhaps you will be able to find some ways to express yourself through various design elements. Most of us know quite a lot about painting the interior of our homes, but we know less about other options such as wallpapering. Some posts will help you determine the style that you want in a room; or how to achieve the desired mood. The possibilities are limitless and those are what will be presented through these posts.

Many times we can overlook the obvious. Perhaps you can gain some ideas on what to do with that unused space. Maybe it’s time to create a home theater. Find out how to start and who to call for help. Virtually anything that has to do with interior design will be posted here. Through social bookmarking you can share and discover various ideas for your next interior project.

Renewed Interest in Showers, Tubs

You’ll also find that luxury showers are also becoming an important feature in bathroom designs this year. A simple way to add this to your space without having to rip out all of the existing tile is to add a rain head shower. However, if you are already remodeling, you may want to install additional heads or other water sources.

Large, luxurious spa tubs are also a wanted feature in bathroom updates for 2019. As the economy improves, people are looking for ways to incorporate luxury into their home. Spa tubs add that sense of luxury and in recent years have become significantly more affordable, making them a must-have for the modern bathroom designs of today.

clean trendy bathroom

And of course walk in showers are always in style. Simple to create and less expensive and time consuming to construct than most other enclosed shower options. To see some great shower ideas, check out 10 Walk-In Shower Ideas for the Ultimate Bathing Experience

Bathroom Window Treatments

Bathroom window treatments are a large part of the bathroom design. Some decorators consider the windows to be the icing on the cake. They can help pull all the bathroom design elements together. There are several different types of stylish bathroom window treatments.

There are different types of shades that are complementary of modern bathroom design. Roman shades, woven shades and other types of shades made of fabric can provide privacy as well as texture and interest. Cellular shades are a very popular choice for NJ bathroom windows. They are specially designed using small honeycomb panels which can trap air. This unique feature makes them very popular for protecting the area from summer heat and winter cold.

Various types of curtains are also still popular choices in many bathrooms. Café curtains are short versions of drapes that only cover the bottom portions of the window while leaving the top part open. And top treatments are just the opposite; they cover the top and dress up the window. When they were first created they were designed to cover hardware used with draperies. But they have become a very popular window treatment.

Painting Your Bathroom

You would think that the smallest room in the house would be the easiest to decorate or paint. But choosing a great color scheme is just part of creating a refreshing or relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. There are several aspects that must be considered when selecting paint colors for the bathroom.

Think about the lighting in the room. Is it bright, or dim? These can either one have varying effects on the colors used in the bathroom. Colors can also be selected that can make a dark room brighter and vice versa. A room that has little light can be painted a white, or other lighter color and can be brightened.

You will also want to think about the size of the bathroom. For bathrooms that are very small in size you will want to use paint colors that are light such as pastel shades. This can help create the illusion that the room is larger. You will also want to avoid a lot of dark colors, especially if there is not a significant source of natural light in the room.

The main thing is to determine what effect you hope to achieve and then do so in a well balanced way.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors

When homeowners decide on a bathroom remodeling project, they likely have bathroom painting on the top of the list of things to do. Many times they have a color scheme in mind and the interior paint colors are chosen to help pull the entire theme together. There are some colors that work better than others for this very important room.

Yellow is one of the best colors for a bathroom design. This is certainly one of the first colors that will be seen in the mornings and it can help you wake up. Using yellow for bathroom painting helps make the room very bright. It works very well when there is some natural light entering the room. The yellow will make the room have a fresh glow.

Shades of white are still great options for bathroom painting projects. These types of colors are very relaxing and calming. The neutral hues work very well with many different colors too. Using off-whites like cream can make colors like peach or green stand out.

bathroom done in white

Light blue or sages are among some of the cool colors that have a very relaxing effect. Sage blends well with lavenders and blues can work well many different colors as well.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

The latest in modern bathroom design will combine a minimalist, or industrial touch, with natural elements. The focus is on straight lines as well as materials that appear natural. Some of the most popular materials in bathroom design and remodeling are granite counter tops with stainless steel fixtures. Contemporary plumbing fixtures such as faucets and sinks are mounted directly to the wall. Some of the popular modern finishes like oil rubbed bronze or brushed steel are chosen for faucets.

One of the modern design techniques for bathroom flooring is to use over sized tile such as mosaic glass or marble. Tiles can be used all around the bathroom depending on the desired effect. Many modern interior designers use tile in the shower, the floor and even on the ceiling. Sometimes for additional effect, tiles that look like pebbles or rocks can be the perfect decoration.

The modern bathroom design is all about functionality, as well as being decorative and stylish. Larger bathrooms can add another sink in the vanity so that that grooming in the mornings goes much faster. Some NJ modern design incorporates a small TV into the décor. Separating the tub and shower in larger bathrooms is very popular. Free standing showers are enclosed using contemporary glass structures.

Types of Bathroom Cabinets

There are many different types of bathroom cabinets from which to choose. Many are very stylish and complementary of the bathroom design while also being functional and providing sufficient storage space for valuable bathroom items.

Which style and type of bathroom cabinet will work best for your bathroom design will depend on how much space is available and how much additional storage space is actually needed. For instance, for storing linens such as sheets, hand towels and bath towels a free standing cabinet might be the right choice. Space saving models that fit snugly over the toilet is an option for smaller bathroom designs where there is limited space to work with.

bathroom with outdoor light

There are also several types of wall cabinets that do not require any floor space at all. These can be very complimentary of the bathroom’s interior design.

The various types of bathroom cabinets used also have many modern design options available. Many have hinged doors that will latch to keep objects safely tucked inside. Other units have glass doors to add a touch of elegance to this all important room. And many have open shelving units with the contents displayed for easy access and use.

Designing a Small Bathroom

Choosing a good bathroom design can be quite a challenge when it is a very small room. Some worry that when it is a small space there will not be many interesting interior design options. This is not true at all. While there are a few minor limitations because it is a very small space, there are plenty of modern design elements that can be used to make a simply intriguing bathroom design.

When you choose the color scheme for the bathroom’s interior design, use light colors with soft patterns. Using bold patterns and dark colors can be very overwhelming in a very small space. Choose a couple of softer colors to build your color scheme around.

Try to put all the bathroom plumbing along one wall. If it is at all possible try to put the sink, toilet and shower or bath head plumbing on the same wall. This will give you more walking space in the bathroom. Also make sure that the shower or tub, if there’s room, is placed at the furthest end of the bathroom.

If it is possible place a bathroom window above the tub on the outside wall. This will allow some extra light into the bathroom so that the space will not be as dark.

The Most Important Room in the House

There may be some argument as to which is the most important room in the house. Many may say that the kitchen is; but when it is all said and done, the bathroom is the only room in the house that every single resident and visitor will visit on a daily basis. This is the only room in a home that must function properly. When the kitchen is not working properly it is a major inconvenience; but it is more than just a major disruption when there is any sort of bathroom plumbing malfunction. This is why  bathroom design is so important for this small, yet important room of any house.

the perfect bathroom design

It is important to include a modern design that helps create a comfortable atmosphere for those who frequent this room. Each part of this room will have to do its part to make sure the room is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. New Jersey bathroom plumbing fixtures must be complementary of the interior design as well as functioning properly.

There are many features that help keep this important room functioning properly. There needs to be storage available to hold toiletries and other items that are used on a daily basis. Bath and face towels should be stored in an easy to reach place for convenient use.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

There are some cost effective ways to complete a bathroom remodeling project. This is the perfect time to take a look at what needs to be changed with bathroom plumbing, bathroom windows and changing up the bathroom design.

Bathrooms are pretty small in general with most of them being 250 square feet or less. But this does not lessen the importance of proper planning and choosing an effective bathroom design to start with. For instance, if the toilet is installed and then you decide it needs to move 2 feet to the right you are talking about another major bathroom plumbing project. Take your time when thinking about bathroom design and decide what you want and where you want it before you begin the bathroom remodeling project.

There are also some simple ways to save money. If something can be repaired rather than replaced you may be talking about quite a large amount of savings. Also, if you can keep things like a shower, bathtub or toilet in the same place while making improvements you can be money ahead. As an example, a bathtub can be refinished rather than replaced.

Some items are nice, but not necessary. Marble floors, granite counters and designer paint can be replaced with more affordable, but still attractive features that are complementary of the overall bathroom design.

Bathroom Design for Girls

Bathroom designs for girls do not have to be elaborate to meet the feminine interior design needs. It can be as simple as choosing a theme that will reflect her personality. Using a simple color scheme along with a few decorative items can be all that is needed to have a very acceptable modern bathroom design. Try to use an  interior design theme that can stand up as girls mature through the years.

There are lots of different color schemes that can be very complementary for bathroom painting for girls. Pinks with browns or dark green coupled with lavender can be used for interior painting projects. For a more feminine bathroom design use a splash of soft pin or purple on the walls. For a less feminine approach to bathroom designs for girls, try something like a garden theme and incorporate fresh flowers. Ladybugs or butterflies can yield a feminine environment without being too overwhelming.

Use matching, color coordinated shower curtains, towels and bathmats for decorating. Various types of bathroom window treatments can be very complementary in this type of bathroom design. Colored shades or blinds can add the right touch. Or frilly, curtains can be used tastefully.

Bathroom Design for Men

Keeping things simple and avoiding frilly decorations are the two main ideas behind men’s bathroom design. The idea is to create an area that exudes manliness and strength. To achieve these two objectives it will take the perfect color combination. The right shades of blue or green can work great for interior painting in the bathroom. Brown or gray make great masculine colors and some shades of green work. Beige or tan makes good complimentary neutral colors.

bathroom design for a man

It’s okay to build the bathroom design around a theme such as oceans, lighthouses or just some basic geometric patterns. Just using the right color combinations can be enough to make the room look masculine and well kept. Interior painting can be done in a neutral tan or beige and masculine colors like brown, black or navy blue used for accessories such as towels, the shower curtain or rugs.

When it comes to window treatment frilly curtains are not the best option for window treatments. Wooden shutters would work well; and so would roman shades or mini-blinds. Depending on the design it might be best to just replace the window with frosted glass. The window treatment will depend mostly on the theme and color scheme of the masculine bathroom.

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Review: Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit (PPA OLSHARGB)

PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent Multicolor LED LIghting Kit Review

PPA OLSHARGB kit in the boxFeel like sprucing up your home or kitchen lighting? You should definitely consider LED lights. These lights are low maintenance, have very low power draw, and produce almost no heat. They’re small, tough and last many times longer than a conventional light bulb. The PPA OLSHARGB home accent multicolor led lighting kit is an excellent option for anyone wanting to add energy efficient, attractive and covert lighting virtually anywhere in your house.

LED lights for homes are a great and environmentally friendly choice for any small lighting projects. The set that this review focuses on, in particular, is a versatile and easily installed item. You can get fantastic deals online, and the lights are easy to install once they arrive, being light, easy to attach to a surface and dead simple to operate.

This lens will take a close look at the Home Accent PPA OLSHARGB Multicolor LED lighting kit, talking about everything from installation and ease of use, to price points and how they can save you money. Hopefully this will give you an informed decision, and help you choose the best home accents led lights that are right for you and your home.

PPA International Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit

A Great Home Accent LED Light Kit with Multiple Color Settings. The product we’re reviewing today is the PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent multicolor led lighting kit, which is available for sale mostly from online retailers. It’s a neat product because it’s incredibly versatile, and even a dummy like me can install it with ease.

When it arrives, it comes basically in sets of light ‘strips’, which can be affixed to basically any surface you choose. The Home Accent LED Lighting Kit isn’t dependent on hanging a certain way, so you’re free to attach it upside down, on the side of a wall or surface, or underneath a counter, ledge or cabinet. They’re lightweight, so simple adhesives keep them firmly in place.

It’s really reasonably priced as LED home accent lighting technology goes. Typically with LED light bulbs, you pay a premium first and make it back with energy savings and durability over the long run. With this product, the price is low and it will last a long time. A bonus with this kit is that it comes with a compatible remote control with all the settings. This way you won’t be fiddling around under the cabinet for the right switch.

Easily installed in the home, attaches to the floor, walls or ceiling with a simple adhesive, will last for a long time and will help you realize huge savings on your electricity bill. You can install these in the bathroom, living room, kitchen, anywhere you need them. That’s the beauty of these lights.


This home LED Lighting Kit comes with some great features. Rather than make you read through the technical specifications, I’ve compiled the best features in this list. If I have left out any important details, please post a question in the comments section and I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible.

1. They Are Very Energy Efficient:

This particular kit takes advantage of the technological superiority of LEDs as compared to conventional incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. This particular system has an extremely low power requirement. For every foot of lighting (they come in 1 foot strips), the kit uses only 1 – 5 watts of power. 1 watt if you’re using the dim setting, and 5 watts if you have it at the brightest setting. Compare that to your standard 40 or 60 watt incandescent bulb, and you’re using a fraction of the power.

2. Durable Construction, Long Lasting:

LED home accent lighting has another advantage over conventional bulbs in that it’s extremely strong. They stand up to punishment better, and the bulbs themselves last for a really long time. How many times have you dropped or broken a conventional light bulb?

You can expect around 50,000 hours of use for this particular system. Unlike a rigid bulb, these light strips are actually flexible, and the lights themselves are around the size of a grain of rice. That’s why they are putting LEDs in most modern computers, flashlights and now light bulbs.

3. Easy Installation:

No drilling or mounting required! These strips are so light, they can be attached with double-sided adhesive tape. The kit comes with a supply of tape to help with this. As said before, they are suitable on any surface, and can be used to illuminate any portion of your home, so be creative.


4. Remote Control:

The really nice thing about the PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit in particular is the remote control that comes with. It’s a lot better than having to plug it in every time you want some light, or fiddle around hunting for the on switch. The remote has 24 buttons, allowing you to control the light levels (dim to high), and colors, and there are even flash and fade controls for your partying ways!

Other Considerations With LED Home Accents Lights

There are some other things you should ponder before you choose a light kit like this. First, think about your installation process. Where do you want to install the lights, and how will that work? You should also consider how many strips you might need for your particular application, and take measurements beforehand.

The neat thing about these systems is that they are modular: new strips can be purchased (separately), and they fit together end to end. You can potentially rig up a bigger lighting system in your house without having to buy multiple kits, or operating many light switches.

You can also purchase extensions separately, with connector cables to run in between. This is something you should strongly consider if you’re, say, looking to add accent LED lights to your kitchen with under-cabinet installation. The two strips in this set might not be enough for a bigger project, so consider purchasing additional light strips (see below).

Home Accent also sells extension cables separately, so you’ll have some flexibility if you have a large space or some separation between light strips.

One thing to consider is, these lights are not decorated at all. I recommend you place them somewhere partially hidden. Believe me, they are plenty bright enough, even from beneath a counter or under a ledge!

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Living Room and Kitchen Design Quick Tips

Much like a bedroom redesign, a living room redesign instantly updates the look of the room giving it a better sense of being.

In other words, it reflects you and the lifestyle you want. Moreover, your living room, apart from a large functional kitchen, is probably used most often for entertaining.

Furniture stores make it easy by selling entire furniture “suites,” or living room furniture sets whose pieces complement each other while providing you with functional seating. This is especially helpful if you’re having a hard time making redesign decisions for your living room. Eclecticism, mixing and matching different pieces of furniture in different upholstery fabrics, beautifully expresses your casual but elegant sense of style. Buying pieces for an eclectic style takes time to put together, so it may not be the best choice for a quick living room redesign.

Refresh Your Living Room with an Inexpensive Redesign

Redesigning your living room is a pretty big undertaking. It’s often easiest, and a lot less expensive, to start by updating living room design accents like pillows, side tables and lamps before you tackle the big pieces of furniture. Painting your living room instantly refreshes the look of the space, and a dramatic change in wall color- from eggshell to red, for example, can give all of your old furniture new life.

Consider using beautiful vintage or vintage-inspired upholstered fabrics to instantly update the seats on your wooden accent chairs.

You only need a staple gun- and a steady hand- to completely change the look of your seating. Fabric slipcovers made of beautiful upholstery are more readily available today, and you can find inexpensive slipcovers online or in discount department stores. Slipcovers for sofas, loveseats and chairs are easy to remove and clean and instantly redesign your living room for very little expense.

Some popular living room design ideas to consider:

  • Functional and family-friendly: if the dining room is larger than the living room, switch them! More space, less chaos. Consider two-tone colors on the walls. If painted horizontally, use the darkest color on the bottom to ground the living space. Add a storage cabinet or ottoman to bring daily order;
  • Merging styles – comfort vs. sophisticated: Neutral color palettes, bring furniture closer in toward the middle of the room for more cozy feel. Remove TV from being focal point upon entering room. Dark furniture, brown neutral paints makes for soft, inviting conversation away from pressures of the day.
  • Get a professional carpet cleaning service to come in and give your rugs and carpets a deep cleaning. It’s a small expense that can really brighten a room as carpets get dingy and loose their “spark” with time.

Make the Most of Kitchen Design Trends

Over the years, kitchen design trends have adapted to the changing needs of working families. Dining rooms are less and less evident in new homes and have been replaced with larger functional kitchens and entertainment rooms, comments Dr. Ferdinand. A kitchen design trend that seems to be sticking is the return of the kitchen dining table and the breakfast nook. Building seating into a nook or creating an area in the kitchen for a table has become a desirable floor plan for families on the go which allows for the transformation of the real dining room into an entertainment room.

An enduring and practical kitchen design trend, antique butcher blocks and new kitchen islands provide additional counter and storage space, too. In recent years, the trend has been to design built-in kitchen islands to complement counters and cabinets, instead of matching them. A dark wood kitchen island in the middle of a kitchen with all-white cabinets really pops! Whatever you decide to do, don’t be a slave to kitchen design trends; read about them, soak in everything you can, and then choose what’s right for you and your family.

Some popular kitchen design ideas to consider:

  • Stuck in the 70’s and can’t get out: Replace funky colored cabinets with natural wood cabinets (maple wood?), stainless steel appliances (modern). If home is small, consider eliminating the wall between the kitchen and living room to create more visual space. A custom island with a breakfast bar creates warmth and invitation;
  • Cramped kitchens: Think function and fashion but how to do it? Natural wood cabinetry, neutral colored countertops (limestone?) stainless steel appliances, tile floors and a breakfast bar that connects the kitchen with the living room (consolidates space).
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Room by Room Design Ideas

Is your home in need of a makeover?

TIna4homedesign is not just about furniture but about how to use that furniture to create leisurely, airy, non-chaotic, casual or even extravagant interior designs for each room of your home. Our room by room design ideas will feature the bedroom, living room and kitchen. But, before you buy furniture to decorate that particular room, first understand the differences in furniture quality.

It will save you thousands of dollars and years of discomfort and headache.

Bedroom Design Ideas Brighten Your Days and Nights

While searching for bedroom design ideas, there are a host of resources to access. Entire TV shows are dedicated to bedroom makeovers, providing us with helpful tips and design trends. Your bedroom design ideas should reflect your style and personality, your unique sleeping and living needs. Most likely, once you makeover your bedroom, your living room or kitchen, you won’t re-do it again for several years. So take your time discovering what you like, and what you can live with, before you start buying furniture.

Popular Bedroom Design Ideas have Distinctive Characteristics

Traditional, contemporary and country furniture are the most popular types of furniture today. Together, they incorporate a host of universal design traditions. Traditional bedroom design ideas use yards of beautiful upholstery fabric draped on everything from the bed to the windows, and usually feature dark wood furniture of classic design. Contemporary bedroom makeovers focus on form, and often have a minimalist feel with punches of bright color.

Country furniture often uses beautiful plaid upholstery fabrics for emphasis and furniture that’s sturdy and somewhat chunky in design.

In addition to TV, there are thousands of magazines and books that provide furniture design ideas for bedroom makeovers. Start at your local library, where you can check out decorating books, DVDs and sometimes magazines for free, to start gathering some new ideas.

Visit designer furniture showrooms to see how they arrange their bedroom displays. Put all of your ideas for bedroom makeovers into a journal, taking photos or clipping articles of designs that you love. Give yourself time to make a decision. You’ll live with your redesigned bedroom for a long time, and it should be a harmonious, comfortable and beautiful place to be.

Some popular bedroom design ideas to consider:

  • Bold yet Subtle: Blue bedrooms with blue shades on the wall and tan furniture complements create a bold yet serene sleeping space.
  • Calm havens: tone on tone color schemes with matching furniture.
  • Combining the masculine with the feminine: one light blue wall and one cream colored wall with traditionally dark furniture. Use lamps and lampshades to emphasize both masculine and feminine angles.
  • The Traditional Master Bedroom: eliminate colors that signify chaos and choose colors emphasizing calm, serenity and reconnection. Try cream, fawn, tan and wheat on bed duvet, walls and carpet – all neutral colors that are inviting. Incorporate subtle floral patterned fabrics on the drapes and upholstery. Divide a large bedroom into two areas: one the bedroom, the other a sitting area.
  • Zen thinking: Incorporate taupe and robin’s egg blue on the walls and bedroom furniture to create a soft, high frequency energy. Hanging curtains as a sort of canopy is a smart way to absorb outside noise.

A Note about the Best Bed Mattresses

The best bed mattresses come in a variety of styles, encasing you in comfort while you sleep. Plush top bed mattresses are soft, and provide an added layer of comfort to your sleeping experience. The best pillow top mattresses have even more softness due to the large pillow that rests on top of the mattress. It’s hard to say which mattress is the best, but a Tempur-Pedic® mattress is definitely the ultimate in luxurious comfort. The Tempur-Pedic mattresses adjust to your body weight and temperature, molding to your body’s natural contours for a really good night’s sleep.

It’s best for your sleeping “health,” and your back, to flip your mattress every few months or so to ensure that it wears evenly. And, use a mattress pad on top of your mattress to help protect it from stains and general wear.

You might be wondering why there’s so much fuss about goose down. Down featherbeds, which lie on top of the mattress but under the sheets, and down comforters and duvets used as bedspreads provide extra softness and warmth. They last for ages, and the newest versions have covers which can easily be removed and cleaned. They add an extra layer of comfort to even the best mattress, making them a highly desirable addition to any bedroom.

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